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English Slang Idioms (137)

"Well, now that we have been introduced, let's get down to the .......... We are interested in buying your house and we think the price is fair but we need to get a home inspection done on your place first. Will you agree not to sell it to anyone else until we can get the inspection done?" Nate asked Brad.
"It will cost you about $600.00 to get your timing belt changed on your car. Why is it that expensive? The reason it costs so much is that it is no ......... of roses to get to the belt to change it. You have to remove the motor — among other things," the mechanic told Tim.
"Can I have your car done by today? No can .......... The job takes about six hours and we are booked up already today. I can have it done by Thursday — if that is acceptable," the mechanic said to Tim.
"All but three of you passed the test. If you are one of the three that received a no ......... on your driving exam, please see Mrs. Skinnard after you get your test back," Mr. Willis said to the class.
"I helped Max build his shed for three hours and would you believe that he got angry at me because I wasted one measly board? Well, no good deed goes .........," Larry said to Kim.
"Don't worry about the mistake you made on the paperwork on Mr. Ellis's case. We caught the mistake before it became a problem so no ........., no foul. Just double-check your work next time to make sure there are no errors," the boss told a worried employee.
Detective Benson had a reputation for being a no ......... barred, tough cop. He did anything that was necessary to take down criminals and did not worry about political ramifications.
"I want you to take out the trash and then you can go to the pool with your friends. You have to take out the trash first and I don't want to hear any ifs or .........," his mom told him when he asked her if he could go out with his friends.
"What you boys did is no ......... matter. People could have been hurt. The window you broke will cost a lot of money and you will both work to pay for it," Steve told his two kids.
"I just heard Zack and his father fighting and both were really mean to each other," Jenny said. Jacky replied, "There is definitely no ......... lost between the two of them. They have acted like strangers for at least the last ten years."