ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (287)

"You don't have to work as late as me so I have to go out to eat," Jill said to Lewis. He responded, "What does that have to do with the ......... of tea in China? We were talking about you spending too much money, in general, so what time we get off work has nothing to do with the discussion."
"You sure have a lot of plants in your garden," Adam said to Chris. He replied, "Yes, we have more than you could ......... a stick at."
"I might quit the service group. The coordinator keeps trying to ......... my efforts and insinuates that I don't do enough. I am a volunteer doing volunteer-work for free. She should be thankful for the two-hour-a-week commitment I have made," Julie said to Jones.
"Your name is Mr. Magilicudy? That is a .........!" The four-year-old said and laughed. Mr. Magilicudy laughed too.
"I am so tired from that hike. I don't want to move a .......... I am just going to sit on the couch all night watching movies," Mike said to Joe.
"You better watch Bert. I think he is trying to ......... in on your girlfriend. I caught him flirting with her several times tonight," Tex said to his friend Joseph.
There is an Internet website that has become popular with young people. It displays the ......... shots of all the celebrities who have been arrested in the past. The pictures aren't usually very flattering.
"I don't believe that Steve could have beaten him up — much ......... beat him to death. Steve is only 5 foot 1 inch and the dead man is 6 foot 9 inches," Beth said to the police.
"It sounds like a good plan but I would like some time to ......... it over before I make a decision. Is it alright if I call you before 10 o'clock in the morning with an answer?" Bill asked the manager of the other store.
"Jay keeps trying to ......... in on our club at school but we don't want him to be in it. He keeps thinking that he can force us to let him join. I don't know what to do," Zack told his dad.