ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (170)

"Did you have fun at the amusement park?" Sarah asked Allison. "Oh, yes. It was a .......... We went on the waterslides and a lot of other rides. I haven't done anything like that in many years," she replied.
"I was at Steve's house and then came home," Jay told his mom. She said, ".......... Steve's mother just called wondering where he was and said that she hasn't seen you in weeks."
"We all need to ......... together and demand that management includes health benefits in our compensation package. They will listen if we all demand the benefits as a group," Will said to the office staff.
"I know you think that the mill is going to give you a job and that is why you haven't been out looking for a job. Don't ......... on it, though. It has been more than a month since you applied and you haven't heard from them yet, have you?" His mom asked him.
"I am sorry, Matt. I know that you got more than you ......... for on the car you bought. I know you weren't expecting to have to fix every other part on it. Your father and I will help out as much as we can," his mom told him.
"Thank you for the .........-up job you did on my house. The hardwood floors look great as does the paint job," William told Bert.
"I am sorry that I threw out your best friend the other night. He ......... in drunk the other night at two o'clock in the morning with three guests he didn't knock or call first. He wanted to spend the night and wait until you called back," Ron told Paul.
"I know that you think that I spent all of my money on partying but you are way off-......... on that. I spent my money on getting my car and computer fixed. I can show you the receipts to prove it to you," Paul's roommate told him when he yelled at him for not paying his half of the rent.
"I like Mrs. Grady but I think she has some ......... in the belfry. She told me to watch out for the burglars the other day but no one has been robbed in this neighborhood for twenty years. My friend in the police force just told me that the other day," Beth told Amanda.
"How did you do on your performance goals this month?" Janice asked David. "I ......... about average this month. I need to improve on the amount of time it takes me to complete my work but I got high marks again for my accuracy," he replied.