ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (185)

"My sister and I no longer talk. We had a big fight when my parents divorced about which parent was the one responsible. She ......... me out of her life after I told her she was wrong and we haven't spoken in three years," Matt told Jenny.
He thought that he had enough room to turn his car onto the roadway without causing an accident. He decided not to ......... it, though, just in case he didn't have enough room.
"Hey, let's put it down for a minute. I have to change .......... My left hand is getting tired," Wes said to Steve as they were moving the couch down the stairs.
"I didn't want to work in the accounting department but it will be a nice change of ......... from answering telephones," Jill said to Amber.
"Hey, if you get tired of digging, let me know and we will change ......... for a while," Dirk said to Steven who was digging a ditch for a telephone line.
He told his friend that he was too tired to go out to the bar that night but he would call if he changed his ......... and decided to come.
"Joe is so funny and always does the silliest things in the office," Amanda said to Megan. "He is a ........., isn't he?" She replied.
"I was assigned gate duty but now I am ......... with guarding the satellite facility," Private Jones told Specialist Kim.
"So, your boyfriend bought you a brand-new car? You do live a charmed ........., don't you?" Sally said to her best friend.
"I threw my boyfriend out. I caught him cheating ......... me with one of my coworkers. I haven't talked to him yet; it just happened yesterday. I don't want to talk to him, though," Jenny told Melissa.