ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (448)

"This new computer program reduces my paperwork, so I have much more time and much less stress. This job has definitely taken a turn for the .........," Larry said to Thomas.
"Have you talked to the janitorial staff about the poor job they've been doing in the restrooms?" Elliot asked. Jay responded, "Yes, I took them to ......... about that this morning."
One of the scariest moments of my career as a police officer was when an idiot said he was going to shoot a two-year-old if he wasn't given a million dollars. Luckily, we were finally able to talk him .......... He dropped the gun and came away peacefully.
"I'm going to have to teach you a ......... about breaking others' things," Dan said to his son Jared as he got out the paddle.
"I'm at the ......... of my tether at work. If the boss yells at me one more time for someone else's mistake, I'm going to get up and walk out," Jerry said to Phil.
"So even though he was the one who cheated on her, he's going to take her to court to make sure she gets nothing out of the divorce?" Dana asked Ralph. "That's about the ......... of it," he replied.
"I'm glad Bart's a member of the team. He's smart and quick. He can really think on his ........., and his solutions are always helpful," Ronny said to Carol.
"I'm exhausted. I just got away from Bill and boy, can that guy talk! He rattled on non-stop about this, that and the ......... for two hours," Rachel complained to Becky.
"At first, his story seemed to make sense, so it threw me .......... Only later did I realize that he was coming back into the building after work to steal instead of stealing during his shift," Bob said to the police.
"I'm almost finished painting my studio, and then I can come over. I just have some ......... to do and then I'll get cleaned up and leave," Chris said to Simon.