ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (201)

He hadn't slept in a week. His neighbors had been having .........-down drag out fights every night and they were not quiet about it.
He had worked hard through college and earned perfect grades as a result. Now, he had ......... a bead on Harvard Law School and was waiting to take the entrance exam.
"You are lying so that I don't get mad at you for drinking. What other conclusion could I possibly ......... from what you have been telling me?" Steve asked Megan.
"We need to communicate better. Every time I try to talk to you about why you do the things you do, you ......... back and get defensive," Paul said to Kim.
"We can draw a ......... between abusive husbands and rapists in that both of these groups are using tactics to take power from the victim to give to themselves," the psychology professor told the students.
"One of these days, my partner and I are going to have it out. I refuse to be the first one to draw ........., though. He'll have to start the fight," Sergeant Garcia told his coworker.
"I am surprised that Jay backed his brother against his best friend when his best friend was obviously right. I guess ......... is thicker than water," Paul said to Matt.
He was sad. The end of his time with his girlfriend was ......... near. Soon, he would have to go back to his country and family and vice versa.
Many times, during a campaign season, a candidate will make accusations about another's ethics or background in an attempt to draw the ......... from the media away from his or herself.
"Now that we are in agreement as far as the terms, please ......... up a contract and we'll all sign it," Matt told the others.