ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (413)

"Dad, why'd you let Johnny go to Chicago and not me?" Dan complained over supper eight years later. His dad said, "Dan, don't ......... up the past. Who cares what happened back then? Let it go."
"I thought Willie was going to punch Steve in the face when he brought up Willie's old drinking problem in front of his new girlfriend. He was as mad as a .........," Owen said.
"I can't ......... these new horror movies. They're so graphic and gory, they make me sick," Jennifer told Rosa.
"I tried to find out where they transferred Wilson after he was sent to the brig, but I got stone......... by the MPs. They refused to give me any information at all," Sergeant Ellis told Private Gonzales.
"Is there a hardware store around here?" Bill asked. Harvey replied, "Yes, there's one just a stone's ......... away. It's up a block on the right."
"I hate walking on plywood, but I'm stone-......... at the moment. As soon as I get paid, I'm going to buy some carpet," Matt told Paul.
"He can't hear you; you'll have to go out to the garden if you want to talk to him. My father's stone-.........," Ellie said to the salesman.
"I can't believe you told the guards that I had a cellphone just so that you could get extra privileges. I never figured you for a stool ........., Davis," Jared told the other prisoner.
"You were willing to spend your kids' college fund to go gamble in Las Vegas? Will you stop at ......... to fulfill your dream of competing against the best card players in the world?" Beth asked Michael.
"He tried to move his pieces down here to checkmate me, but I stopped him .........," Chris told Linda.