ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (211)

He knew that he should be more ethical in his accounting practices. He felt that his worth was defined by how much money he saved the company in taxes but he was fishing in ......... waters. He wouldn't be worth much if he got arrested for fraud and embarrassed the company.
"I don't think I believe that Joe used to own a Lamborghini. He doesn't have any pictures of it and no one he knows had ever seen it. I think that it is like the ......... that got away. It sounds good but didn't happen," Matt said to Davis.
"I love those pants on you. They are perfectly tailored for you. They fit like a .........," Lilly said to Nancy.
He hated it when his parents tried to ......... him up with one of their friends' daughters. They were always unattractive and some were weird.
"So, you think you can rip me off and I won't do anything about it? I'll fix your .........," Bill angrily told the local mechanic.
He didn't know what to do. He had invested all of his savings in his business. The business started out strong but it was starting to fizzle ..........
He was late for work and the rain picked up. He hoped he could ......... down a cab soon.
The economists working for the government did their best to reduce inflation but it had ......... up again.
"I can't go with you to the party. Everyone has to bring a food or alcoholic drink and I am ......... broke," Jim told Ray and Tanya.
"You want to drive to Texas from Northern California for your vacation and with the gas prices as high as they are? Have you flipped your .........?" Max asked his wife.