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English Slang Idioms (412)

"I can charge him with intent to commit a crime, but I can't make it .......... Any competent lawyer would be able to get that charge tossed out," Chief O'Donnell said to the two detectives.
"I have to be there for my best friend in his time of need. He stuck ......... me when no one else would support me," Jim said to Alice.
"Quit sticking your ......... into other people's business. It's rude and people don't like it," Jerry told his overly inquisitive son.
"I love the fence you built, honey, but you should cut that one post shorter to match the rest. It sticks out like a sore .........," Brian said to Gladys.
"Johnny is such a good-natured guy! He puts up with a lot of ......... from his brothers and he never gets mad," Alison said to Gracie.
"Bill, I don't have a lot of time, so can you please stick to the .........? We were talking about the upcoming change in software, and now you're telling me your chair's uncomfortable!" the boss cautioned him.
"You were there when Gina accused me of going out drinking. We were watching a movie together that night. Why didn't you ......... up for me and tell her I was with you?" Danny asked Mitchell.
The armored car driver rolled down his window when the policeman motioned him to do so. To his surprise, the 'officer' pulled out a gun and said, "This is a stick-.........!"
"We shouldn't drink alcohol. We're only 16, and we aren't allowed to drink until we're 21," Billy said to his girlfriend. She taunted, "Quit being such a .........-in-the-mud and have a drink," as she handed him the bottle.
His specialty was still .......... He didn't like the abstract styles that didn't look like anything.