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English Slang Idioms (117)

"I like Sergeant Caruso. He really leads with his .......... He says what needs to be said and does what needs to be done, no matter whether it gets him flack or not," Sergeant Lent told Sergeant O'Brian.
Barrack Obama's presidential campaign has caught a lot of ......... from people regarding his pastor's views.
Wal-Mart is considered a lean and ......... organization by many due to the efficiency of their business and their ability to offer products at a lower cost than many competitors.
"We have to find this killer and get him out of society before anyone else dies. I know no clues have been found, but you all need to search again. Leave no ......... unturned. We have to get this guy," the Chief of Police said.
"You are going to have to leave. She already asked you twice not to bring up her not getting accepted into the college she wanted to go to. Can't you leave well enough .........?" her dad asked Jimmy.
Sometimes it is hard for businesses to keep everything coordinated when they expand quickly. Business can be disrupted by departments not communicating and other examples of the left ......... not knowing what the right (...) is doing.
"Jim, you know I have equal seniority with the others here. Why am I not being invited to any of the meetings? I feel like I am being deliberately left in the .........," Luke said.
"What would I be doing? Well, if ......... to my own devices, I would be reading a book in the woods," Private Johnson to Specialist Bilby.
"Hey, Paul, it's Chris. Do you have time to lend an .........? I have a problem that I think you might know how to deal with."
"I am not surprised that your brother is in jail for drugs. He has always had that problem. I know he says he will change, but a leopard can't change its ........., Melanie," Misty said.