ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (390)

"I can ask the judge for a warrant to search the house, but we have to show .......... We need to gather more evidence to convince him," Detective Peterson said to the new officer.
"Let's take a vote on which plan we adopt. Can we have a show of .........? All those in favor of Mr. Stevens' plan?" The leader asked the team.
"Bill is such a .........-off! We were trying some bike tricks we'd just learned, and then he did all the professional stunts he knows just to make us look bad," Nick complained to Joey.
"Jeff always acts like he's everyone's best friend, but we saw his true ......... the other night. He tried to get Hank's girlfriend to break up with Hank and go out with him," Will revealed.
"After what you did, you'd better not show your ......... around here ever again," Tommy warned Kyle.
"Jerry must be having a hard time on the job right now with all the long hours he's been working. He's starting to show ......... of being stressed out," Nick noted.
"Can I go to Billy's today, Mom? He and Stevie are finally having the video game ......... we've all been waiting for!" Kyle said to his mother.
"I broke up with Allison. I told her I had a personal problem I wanted to talk to her about, but she said I needed to see a ......... and get professional help," Ben explained to his brother.
"Ben finally broke up with Allison. She told him he had to see an analyst, and that was the final .........," Sam said.
"I guess he tried to ......... it off and pretend that the comment didn't hurt him, but it did. The next day, he told her that their relationship was over," Sam said to his mother.