ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (86)

"Don't worry, Tom. I made the same mistake when I was a ......... like you. You won't make that mistake again and you will learn more when you get more experience," Matt said.
Building a website is very confusing — it's still a gray ......... for me but I think I'll understand it more once I finish my computer class this semester.
"You need to pay more attention to what you are doing. Use your gray ......... for something other than figuring out how to get out of work," the boss told Nick.
"I know that you don't like being on the telephone but the boss asked you to make the calls. If you want to keep your job, you are going to just have to grin and ......... it. This, too, shall pass," the secretary told Ian.
When the boss told him he was going to get a raise, he gave him a grin like a Cheshire ..........
"I don't mind learning that computer program. It is just grist for the .......... It will add to my resume and make me more efficient on the job," Luke said to Adam.
"We are going to try a new computer program at work but only Jonathon is going to use it for now — just until we see how it works. We have decided that Johnathon is going to be the ......... pig," the supervisor said during the Monday meeting.
"I recommend using a little gun-boat .......... They won't listen to reason, won't respond to sanctions and don't care about what we think. If we send the Army in, they will start seeing things our way," the Senator from Mississippi said.
"He is one of those hail-fellow-well-......... types. Friendly to everyone and willing to help whenever called upon," Matt replied when asked what he thought about Gary's personality.
"You are hungover too? Do you want a little hair of the .........' to help you out with that? I am mixing a Bloody Mary for myself," Evan said to Dwayne.