ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (133)

When asked if he would continue the relationship with his girlfriend after she got deported, he replied, "Yes I will. I love her and I will move heaven and ......... to see her again."
The strength of human will power can move ..........
One of the problems he had with the Law class he was in was the teacher's propensity to move the ......... on the students. She would tell them what the standards and requirements were one week, then change them the next.
When he was a kid, he had wanted to be one of the ......... and shakers in Washington, D.C. He wanted to be one of the people who created laws and changed society.
"People are so petty sometimes and make so much ado about .......... Today, a major argument broke out about whether the coffee filters should be stored in the drawers or the supply closet," Jenny told Maxine.
He decided to engage in a little ......... slinging and attack the other candidate's relationship with his wife and other women.
"The fact that the Chief Executive Officer didn't know about the plan further muddies the .......... It is tough to know what to do when employees commit fraud. Is it fair to make the employer pay as well as the employees if the employer didn't know what is going on?" The Law professor asked her students.
He had been suspended from school for fighting. Another kid had called him a "momma's ......... " and he had punched him.
"John is being investigated for possible accounting fraud. He may not get in trouble, but from what he has told me, he seems to be operating in pretty ......... waters. What he is doing seems, if not illegal, borderline illegal," Jay told his wife
"You will sell me your car? I have been waiting for months to hear you say that! Hearing that news is like ......... to my ears," James told Tim