ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (269)

"I am really impressed with these Harbor Freight drills. They are cheap but sure can take a licking and keep on .......... I expected something this cheap to fall apart in no time," Luke said to Walter.
There are many exercises used by the Army to lick people into .......... Some include long runs, sprints, push-ups, sit-ups, side-straddle hops and flutter-kicks. Each exercise is led, to begin with, by a Drill Sergeant.
"That teriyaki and orange chicken smells so good and I am so hungry. I have been licking my ......... in anticipation of it for the past ten minutes," Jay told his grandmother
"Jimmy dared me to knock on the door of the Bradley house. Mr. Bradley yelled at me for several minutes last week when I lost a ball in his yard. I went up to the door and knocked but nothing happened. I turned around to leave and I could hear the door opening behind me. I ran lickety- ......... all the way home but I won the bet," Charlie told Joey.
"As you know, we had a yard sale on Saturday and Sunday. The sale was a total .......... Only five people came and we only made $4," Louise told Jennifer.
"Do you need any pieces of plywood? I have five 4X8 sheets that have been lying ......... in my yard for at least six months. I am not going to use them and I don't want to see them go to waste. They will rot if they sit in the yard through the winter," George said to Mike.
"I fired Joe for repeatedly ......... down on the job. I caught him talking, at length, to people on their breaks but not on his. I warned him about loafing around twice last week," Mr. Ernest told his assistant after he asked why he had fired Joe.
He loved watching his dog when the mailman came by. The dog would creep around the back of the family car and lie in ......... until the mailman walked by. Once the mailman put all the mail in the box and developed a false sense of security, he would turn around to leave. At that moment, Barney would leap out from behind the car just feet in front of the mailman and would start barking louder than ever. Today, the mailman jumped about three vertical feet in the air.
"My brother is always the ......... of the party. He is a great people-person and has that rare ability to tell joke after joke without repeating himself. Everyone likes him," Shawn said to Rebecca.
"I know that we are on a timeline but your constant nagging is hurting our morale. Everyone here is working as hard as they can and as fast as they can. Can you ......... up a little and quit pressuring everyone so much? The work will get done in an efficient manner," Ben, the foreman's best friend, told the foreman.