ESL, Srednji nivo

Vocabulary Practice: Swimming Pools (2)

Women and girls wear swimming or ......... suits when they go to the beach or when they visit a swimming pool.
Men and boys usually wear swimming ......... when they go to swimming pools.
Some people wear swimming ......... on their heads when they go to a swimming pool. This is worn on a person's head and prevents his/her hair from getting wet. This is also worn to protect hair from harsh chlorine additives that are put into public swimming pools.
In most swimming pool areas, there are several different kinds of life ......... available and ready to use in an emergency. These are buoyant, floatation devices that are either worn or thrown out to people who need them.
Some pools have life ......... on hand. These are sleeveless, buoyant vests that help people stay afloat in the water.
Most public pools have ......... in the dressing room areas. These are metal, storage compartments that people put their belongings into before they enter the pool area. Most of these have a lock and key system so that a person's belongings are safe while swimming.
Some people wear ......... while swimming. These look like glasses and are worn in order to protect the eyes. People can often see underwater when they wear these.
Many public pools have ......... set up so that people can swim laps (back and forth) in these designated areas. These often span the length of a pool and are created by using buoyant lines to separate one from the other.
Many indoor pools are .......... This means the water temperature stays warm so that swimmers are comfortable while in the pools.
Many public pools use chlorine and other ......... in order to keep the pools clean and safe. These cleaning agents kill disease-causing organisms.