ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (152)

"I planned on doing my paper two days before it was due. Now, I have an assignment due on the same date in three of my other classes. I've really ......... myself into a corner this time," Archie told Jim.
I decided to put new siding on the outside of my mobile home. I took off the old siding and found ants and rotten wood. I removed the rotten studs and found that some of the wiring was not in good shape either. I fear that by deciding to renovate my home, I have opened Pandora's ..........
"You can't just paint those rotten boards on your deck to hide the fact that they need to be replaced. You can't just paper over ......... like that. People could get hurt," Jim said to Nick.
"Don't worry about Cindy and her comments. She acts like she has a lot of authority and sway around here but she is just a paper .......... She actually holds the same title as you!" Justine said to Meredith.
"It took you about five hours to dig that hole? That is about ......... for the course due to the fact that the dirt has so much rock and clay in it. Don't worry about it," the teenager's boss told him.
"I am sorry, Duke. You are going to have to redo the railing on the porch. It is not going to ......... muster. If the boss sees it as uneven and crooked as it is right now, he is not going to be happy," Derrick said to him.
"I know that you are broke but that doesn't give you the right to pass the ......... at my party. I didn't invite you here to bum off of the other guests," the college student said to an acquaintance.
"I just stopped by the church to pass the ......... of day with some of my friends," Donald said to his wife when she asked why he went to the church on Tuesday.
The secret agent told his partner to burn the report to make sure that it never saw the ......... of day again.
"I don't know how you can take care of this huge garden by yourself and without using automatic watering systems. You must have the ......... of Job," Jay told Billy.