ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (322)

"We need to start looking for other jobs soon. Management said that they are going to streamline the company and one of the most popular jobs to outsource is telephone-based customer service. I can put two and two ......... I think we are going to be laid off," Tommy told Julia.
"You put up a good ......... but you are no match for me," James jokingly said to Derrick after he beat him in chess.
"He acts like he is doing well, financially, by spending a lot of money in public but I think he is just putting up a good .......... His wife told me that they are two months behind on their mortgage payments and I know that he has a lot of credit card debt," Chris told Linda as they were discussing their friend Stan.
"I am mad at the cable company. We keep getting charged for equipment rental the cable box and remote and that was not part of the deal. I asked them up ........., when we arranged for the service, if we would have any other charges other than the monthly service and they said no," Ken said to Cathy.
"You keep telling us how good you are at table tennis. I have challenged you before but we haven't got around to playing. It's time to put up or ......... up. Let's play and see if you are as good at it as you say you are," James said to Tom.
"I can't wait to get my own place. I have had to put up ......... my roommate having company over all the time. It will be nice to be able to go to bed whenever I want without being woken up by someone else," Matt told his brother.
"Your soon-to-be husband wants to become a rock star. He wants to leave school and join a band as a guitar player," Kyle told Linda. Chris said, "I have never indicated that I want to leave school and play in a rock band. Stop putting ......... in my mouth! That is what you want me to do — not what I want to do."
"The state of California just passed a law saying that no house built before 1960 can be legally sold," Adam told Chris. Chris responded, "No, they didn't. You are putting me .......... The government wouldn't do that to people. So many people would lose their financial well-being if that were the case. There are lots of houses older than that in California — including mine."
"Why were you so rude to our host at dinner? That was a serious ......... when you told him that if he goes to school he can get a decent job. What is wrong with his job? He likes his job," Sarah asked Tim.
"You found the problem with that car pretty fast. You are pretty quick on the .........," the boss complimented Hank.