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English Slang Idioms (387)

"Too many Americans are just ......... these days. The government tells them what to do and what to think, and they do what they are told without question," Matt said to Ryan.
"Getting plumbing fixed is so expensive! I just had to ......... out $200 to get my sink unclogged," Max complained to Alex.
"I heard that you're being deployed to Iraq. When are you going?" Max asked his buddy. Tom responded, "We're due to ......... out in a month and a half."
"Wow, you guys did a great job of cleaning this office! It's in ship......... condition now!" the boss told the janitorial staff.
"Private Bilby follows instructions well and never shirks his .......... I never have to worry about whether the job I give him will be completed or not," Sergeant Johnson told the first sergeant.
"Don't ......... away that cat! I've been putting food out for him, and I like him!" Jenny yelled at her husband when she saw him chasing the animal off.
"Do you think you'll win the election for school president?" Jennifer asked. Amber replied, "I know I will; it's a sure .......... The latest survey shows that 75 percent of the students favor me."
"I was well ahead in the race Saturday, and then the guy on the left suddenly ......... ahead of me at the last moment and won the race," Bill grumbled to his brother.
He has a reputation at work as a guy who shoots from the .........: quick to criticize people but slow to realize how his words might make them feel.
"Why do you always shoot ......... your mouth when you're around the manager? It's going to get you into trouble if you keep blabbing like that," the supervisor told the employee.