ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (76)

"You want to challenge me to a game of chess? Well, ......... on! I have a chess board right over here," Jackie told Matt.
"Now that we have our list of chores, lets make a ......... plan. I want to be done as soon as possible so that I can go to the lake," Luke told his brother.
"I am sorry your speakers aren't working. I know the company that makes them uses really cheap, substandard parts to fabricate something that looks like a speaker. It is kind of a garbage in, ......... out kind of thing," Jed told Sarah.
"We are still too broke to go. I have been waiting for my company to ......... pace but it is taking longer than I expected," Helen told Laurie.
"I think that support for my idea is beginning to gather .......... I think it will work so the more people that push for it, the better," Karly told Nathan.
His son and the next door neighbor have been getting along ......... ever since they found that they both love to play football.
"I can't believe that the boy who broke the window is going to get away .........-free. The cops have a lot of evidence against him but I heard a rumor that his dad is a judge or something." Irma told Mike.
"I don't want my son to hang out with the Jackson's boy anymore. There are no rules in their household. They let their son get away with .........," Teresa told Mary.
"Don't tell anyone at school about the party, Norton. If everyone finds out then there will be too many freeloaders trying to get in on the .........," Lewis said.
"Now is the time to invest in that company. They aren't popular yet but they will be soon. Now is the time to get in on the ......... floor while we still can. By next year, their stock price will be way higher than it is now if everything remains equal," Jim told Scott.