ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (396)

"I feel great today! I had a long, hot bath last night before bed, and I slept like a .........," Chris said to Bert.
"James, we can't let you work today; you're drunk. Why don't you go home and sleep it .........? We'll see you tomorrow, OK?" Vince said.
"I'm sorry, Mr Spenser, what was that again? I dozed off. I had a cup of coffee at 10 o'clock last night, and I didn't sleep a .........," Craig admitted.
"My boss is such a slave .........; he's always trying to get more work out of us. Some of us are skipping our breaks and lunch just to get our work done," Ben complained.
"I can't believe the nerve of that guy! He asked me to ......... with him!" Marisol revealed to Allison.
"My wife got into a slinging ......... with her sister the other night and it was ugly. I had to make her leave her sister's house with me before it got any worse," Simon said to Matt.
"I have to be really careful at work. I made my supervisor mad, and now he's just waiting for me to slip .......... If I make one mistake, I'm gone," Damien told Sarah.
"Oh! I didn't pick up any chicken soup for you at the store! It completely slipped my .......... I got your crackers, though," Laura said to her roommate.
"This party is pretty boring. Why don't we ......... off and go to the karaoke bar down the street? It's kind of fun to hear all the bad singing," Brian said to Elizabeth.
"I had to work longer and longer hours to support us, and we already had a lot of bills from our wedding. I watched our marriage slip through my ......... as she became ever more distant," Fred told his old friend.