ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (198)

"I am not afraid of you and I don't think anything you do can cost me my job. So, if you want to tell boss I am slacking off or something, do your .........," Kim said to Gina.
"How was your date with Lisa last night? Do .........," Misty told her brother.
"The auto shop ......... me out of five bucks by charging me for the same part twice. I am going to go down there and get the five bucks back," John told his wife.
"I don't think we should rehire Tom. He always does his work by .......... He either doesn't complete his tasks or he cuts corners and does the work in a very sloppy fashion," Bill told Fred.
"We have all of the evidence to convict you for burglary. You are going to do ......... for this," the policeman told the criminal.
They really ......... it up this year. The party was a huge success since they had arranged for caterers, transportation, dancing, and live music.
"I could give up my TV and my bicycle but I couldn't do ......... my guitar," John told Wesley.
American businessmen are known for having an aggressive do-or-......... attitude toward business.
The leftovers from the restaurant were good but a little bland. He decided to ......... up the chicken dish with some garlic, basil, oregano, and sage to add more flavor.
"Jim hates the fact that I am better than he was at sales and is scared I will take his job. He has ......... me every step of the way since I started here. He keeps hoping that he will scare me off but it won't work. I am going to do a good job — with or without him," Lisa told Alison.