ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (190)

"I am glad that we were able to find some common .......... We haven't gotten along too well in the past but maybe we can now now that we have found some things we both enjoy and agree upon," Shelly said to Vicky.
"I don't think we will make it to your party tonight, Bill. My husband is ......... out on the couch and wouldn't wake up for dinner. Thank you for inviting us, though," Rhoda said to Bill.
"I know that you like to grow hot peppers. I am trying to grow them for the first time. Perhaps we can get together soon and ......... notes," Ted said to Jill.
"Why do you have the carburetor from your car on the kitchen table?" his wife asked him. He replied, "Well, I was working on it and decided to leave it here because I think it will make a great ......... piece for the party tonight. A lot of my friends that are coming are mechanics."
"The suspect is one ......... customer. I threatened him with jail time and he didn't flinch. I told him I would arrest his wife as an accomplice and he didn't flinch. He didn't get nervous when I asked him personal and embarrassing questions either," the detective told his coworker.
"Lester is such a ......... ball at work. The other day, he came to work in a prisoner's costume," Vicky told Michelle.
"I am going to let you out a bit early. We have ......... a lot of ground today and I want to give all the information a chance to sink in," the professor told the class.
"I hope no one finds out that we embezzled the money. I don't think they will I covered our ......... pretty well but you never know," the crooked accountant told his accomplice.
Many of the military's .........-ups have been exposed but one has to wonder how many more have gone undetected.
"Sorry guys. I can't come to your house to watch a movie. I have to ......... the books and start studying for my mid-term exams," Craig said to Joe and Nick.