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Real Life: Circus Terms (1)

Many parents like to take their children to circus shows. At a circus show, the spectators who watch the acts are also known as the ......... members.
A ......... is a performer who wears a lot of funny and theatrical makeup and performs comical tricks and stunts. This performer also wears ridiculous-looking costumes, big, floppy shoes and tries to make the spectators laugh.
An ......... is a person who performs high-wire feats involving jumps, leaps and difficult balancing poses. This person needs to be in very good physical shape because he/she has to do many stunts that require a great amount of strength and agility.
An ......... also performs in a circus show. This person captivates and mesmerizes the audience by performing illusions and magic acts. This performer is often called a magician.
An animal trainer or ......... is a performer who uses wild animals, such as lions, to entertain an audience. These often vicious animals are trained by this person and then put into a circus ring to display various animal acts and feats.
A circus ......... is the center of a circus show. This is often a round area where the circus events and feats are performed.
A ......... is a person who uses his/her body in very strange ways. This person uses muscles and very flexible joints to amuse and mesmerize an audience by positioning himself/herself into difficult poses.
A ......... is perfomer who throws and catches various items without ever dropping any of them. Often more and more items are attempted at the same time or this person throws and catches the same items in different ways.
Sometimes, when a circus show comes to town, towns and cities will also host a .......... This is a street show that features different floats and decorated vehicles that slowly travel down designated streets.
A trapeze is circus equipment that is used in high-wire or ......... acts. It's usually secured so that trapeze artists and acrobats can swing, walk or jump on this apparatus.