ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (280)

"I called the head office and told them that I would make a great manager. I am so nervous. A move like that will either make or ......... me at this company," Dill said to Janice.
Some stores offer free .........-overs to people who come into the shop. They figure that the person will ultimately buy some of their products to keep up the look created by the employees. In my opinion, they apply way too much make-up.
"I have to make my ......... now but I have a break at 11 o'clock. Can we meet for coffee then?" Dr. Jenkins asked the security guard. They are good friends and even went to junior college together.
"I expected you to take at least an hour raking the yard but you sure made ......... work of that task. Only 20 minutes have gone by!" Chris's grandfather told him.
"You should have seen this girl who showed up at the party last night. She was the most beautiful girl any one of us had seen in this town. She was good looking enough to make even my dad ......... up and take notice," Jay told Robby.
"My son just left for college to try and make ......... of himself. He figures school is his ticket to a good-paying job and I think he is right for the most part," Jackson told his good friend.
"You what? You invited your girlfriend tonight and you forgot to tell your ex-girlfriend not to come? Now you tell me they used to be best friends until they had a major falling out? If your ex-girlfriend sees you with your current girlfriend, she's sure to make the ......... fly," Alex said to James.
"I just heard from my friend in the senator's office that he is planning on getting a divorce. No one has heard that yet, but when they do, the news is guaranteed to make tongues .........," Jill told Jimmy.
"Don't expect the boss to talk to you very much. And, please don't think he's being rude to you if he is short with you. He is just a man of few .........," Jane told Mike.
"So you are telling me that if I don't approve the bill your corporation wants passed, you will withdraw support from me and leak a story about some of the bad things we did together when we were at college to the press? Well, if you want to play ......... ball, how about I tell your board of directors about all the money you personally pocketed from the defense contract I got you? Didn't think I knew about that, did you?" The senator asked the CEO of the corporation.