ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (306)

"Unfortunately, the new employee is not going to pan .......... We need someone with experience and this guy doesn't know anything about construction. You'll have to hire someone else," the foreman told the boss.
"John is too much of a ......... pants for me. Everything he eats, drinks, wears, rides or sleeps in has to be expensive and high class. I am not like that," Jordan said to Jill.
He didn't think that it would take as much time to ......... out the rations to the troops and now they were late for the planned exercises. This didn't bode well since the Brigade Commander was out to inspect his leadership and his troops.
"My wife really likes regular flowering plants and herbs. I am very ......... to succulents myself," Chris told Paul.
"Do you mind if I ......... in a little of your champagne? I've never tried champagne and I heard that you have a knack for finding the good stuff," Chris said to Julian.
"My girlfriend and I just went through a ......... of the ways and I am single again. It is weird to be single after several years of being in a committed relationship. Everything is much harder and more lonely," Hank said to Stan.
"I would like to tell you what was decided about our bonuses at the meeting but I was not ......... to that discussion. The manager had me bring in coffee and food and man his telephone during the meeting," Jill said to Brandon.
"My mother just passed ......... so I have to drive to her house this weekend to try and settle her affairs," Susan said to Anthony.
"So how did the movie end last night? I ......... out after about an hour of it. I started work early and it was too late for me to be able to stay awake," Brent told his roommate.
"Do I want more potatoes? No, thank you. I am going to have to pass ......... those. I still have plenty on my plate," Jack said to his host.