ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (213)

"I don't know if I want to go into management or not. I am not playing with a full deck of ......... at the moment. I haven't gone through enough classes to know if I will be good at it or not and I don't have any clear idea as to what a manager does on a day to day basis," Matt told his dad.
"I don't know why Tim quit his job at the RV repair place to work as a landscaping assistant. That is a serious pay cut. He's a few ......... short of a circus — if you ask me," Joe said to Barney.
My parents didn't want me to join the Peace corps but I remembered that my grandmother once said that the most important thing in life is to follow your ..........
"For some reason, when I quit drinking, I thought my friends would ......... suit. Surprisingly, they didn't, so I had to find a new group of friends," Tom told Eloise.
He made a commitment to himself to get perfect grades in school the next semester. He had ......... around for too long and had almost been booted out of school last semester for poor grades.
He was proud of himself. He found a ......... way to make constant money working from home. Now he wouldn't have to work with that annoying team any longer.
"It threw me for a ......... when management said the company was downsizing and we were all to be laid off. There were no rumors of this happening and no warning from the corporate office," Jill said to Sam.
When she told him that she was leaving his best friend because she caught him cheating on her, he was at a ......... for words. He had known about what his friend was doing and had encouraged him to stop. What else could he do?
She then told him that she was going to take his best friend for everything he was ......... in court and he couldn't think of anything meaningful to say to that either. It was an uncomfortable situation.
He thought that his best friend was a bad person for what he had done but he still wouldn't trade their lifelong friendship for all the ..........