ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (250)

"I have checked your interior walls and the water damage on them is only the tip of the .......... You have to replace the studs due to rot and you'll probably have replace some of your subfloor," Chris told Derrick.
"I checked your car for you and there is a problem with the charging system. I am not sure if it is the battery or the alternator. If worst comes to ......... and you have to replace them both, I can help you so you won't have to pay the high cost of labor in an auto shop," Paul told Chris.
"I just checked on your husband and he is in a bad .......... His kidneys are failing and his lungs are beginning to fill up. We will have to keep him for at least another couple of days," Dr. Peterson told Sharon.
"Marcie, would you be able to take the kids to soccer practice on Wednesday? I am kind of in a ........., here. I have to take them at 4 o'clock but I was just informed by my boss that I will have to give the board a presentation on Wednesday at 3:45," Jacky said to her sister.
"He hates sitcom shows in a ......... way. He also hates fast food," Michelle told Jacky when she asked her basic questions about her new boyfriend.
"Could I hire you to help me build my deck? The deck won't be very big and I have all the tools. It will be a ........., I just can't lift all of the long boards into place by myself," Jake said to his son.
Adam was very happy to be able to say to his friend that his wife was in a ......... way. They had been trying for some time to have a baby but they had had no luck until now.
"Is it hard to change an alternator belt, Paul?" Chris asked. He replied," No, it is a ......... in the park. We just have to unscrew some screws, put on the new belt and then tighten it. It doesn't take long."
"Jim is an atypical kid. He is nice enough to talk to; he just doesn't like to play with others and prefers to be by himself. He is kind of in a ......... of his own," Greg said to Jim's teacher.
"I know you don't agree with Paul ending his marriage and moving in with that other woman. I am sure that if either of us were in his ........., we would phrase things differently than he did. I can't say for certain that either of us wouldn't have done the same thing, though. We can't know what it is like to be him," Adam said to Lisa.