ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (160)

"There were some things that I didn't like about the amusement park. For instance, the food was very expensive. All in ........., though, I would say that the park is worth taking your kids to," Matt told Ben.
"When are you going to build the new shed, Jim?" his wife asked. He replied, "You know how busy I have been lately — especially with work and fixing the roof. All in ......... time, honey."
"What will you have at your garage sale, Maude?" "All ......... of things. Gardening stuff, old furniture, cooking utensils, clothes — you name it, Wanda," she replied.
"I'm sorry I'm late. I got into a car accident. I was driving home on the highway, when all of a ........., a deer jumped out in front of me. I tried to stop, but I still hit it," Craig told his girlfriend.
"Is everyone all in ......... piece?" Matt asked his passengers after his car went off the road due to a popped tire.
"Wow! The Stevens sure went ......... out on this party! They have a live band, a catering service and an open bar. This must have cost them a fortune," Betteexclaimed to Grace.
He liked going to the local thrift shop. There were all ......... of things to look at, and all were unique, it seemed.
"Don't call me again. It's all ......... between us. We are not together anymore," Jennifer told Kyle.
"If I find out that you lied about where you were a week ago, I'm going to be all ......... you," the policeman told Bill.
"Why don't you move in with me and pay half the bills?" Matt asked Bert. Bert replied, "That's all ......... for you! You get half of your mortgage paid and someone to do your chores and repairs around the house."