ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (278)

"When we catch the person snitching office supplies, I am going to fire him or her in front of everyone. I don't think we'll have this problem again if I make an ......... out of the first person caught," Josh said to his assistant.
"I don't want to go to another party with you. You always insist on ......... an exhibition of yourself. You punch someone, or get embarrassingly drunk, or publically insult someone we know every time we go to a party," Shirley said to Rodney.
"I just caught this guy trying to make ......... with your barbeque. Do you know him?" the policeman asked Mr. Harris.
"I hear police sirens. Let's make .........," Jenny said to Larissa at the party. Both girls just turned twenty and were not, legally, supposed to drink alcohol yet.
"You can't build a deck with these small scraps of two by fours. It won't be structurally sound and it won't look good either. It's like trying to make bricks without ......... you don't have the right materials," Jack said to Lou.
"Honey, why do you keep telling Max about your cat? You have been talking non-stop about your cat since the guy got here. He doesn't care about your cat," Aiden said. She replied, "I was just trying to make .........," with a hurt look on her face. Those moments are always embarrassing for everyone.
"Fifteen minutes ago, we were able to make ......... with our operative in the field. As you know, his radio was broken. He finally found a radio to call us with just now. He says that the operation is still on track and that the mission should be completed by late tonight," the CIA agent said to his boss.
"I see the police coming up the driveway. We can't go that way so let's ......... for the woods on the other side of the property," Jenny said to Larissa.
"I think that tall boy in the corner with the blue baseball cap likes you. He has been making ......... at you all night. I caught him staring at you three times in the past five minutes," Jenny told Larissa moments before hearing the sirens.
"We are a little behind at this point in the day. If we make ........., we can still get the pad poured before evening but we have to hurry. Before we can pour the concrete, we still need to tamp down the sand and make sure that our framing is square," Bill told his crew.