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English Slang Idioms (355)

"I can't believe you won't help me move, after I took the ......... to help you get a job and help you with your roof," Tim exclaimed to Jesse.
"Why did you tell the boss that you haven't been paid all your overtime when he was reprimanding you for not meeting your performance targets?" Jill asked. Allison explained, "Well, the best ......... is a good offense."
"This concludes my portion of the presentation. Next up is Mr Stevens with a talk on efficiency in the workplace. Mr Stevens, will you please take the .........?" Mr Renner asked.
"Well, if that doesn't just take the .........! I can't believe that after we helped her clean her yard, she refused to let us borrow her shovel," Chris exclaimed to Linda.
"Do you have any snack food? I just need something to take the ......... off until dinner. I haven't eaten for seven hours," Lacy explained to Jim.
"My case is coming apart because the witness took the .......... By testifying against the defendant, the witness has incriminated himself," the prosecuting attorney told the District Attorney.
"I'm sorry to hear that your mother just passed away. Why don't you take the next couple of days ......... and come back to work when you're ready," the boss offered.
"It's risky to move to Hollywood on the off chance that I can get a job as an actress, but I've always wanted to be one, so I'm going to take the .......... I leave tomorrow!" Becky told her friend.
"The hike up that hill in this hot muggy weather sure took the ......... out of me. I'm exhausted!" Maggie told Gina.
"I've made a promise to myself to take time ......... every day to do something I enjoy. I've been doing chores or running errands every minute of the day for too long," Jill said to Bethany.