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English Slang Idioms (73)

"Are they saying that they didn't receive my payment? I sent it two weeks ago for Pete's .........!" Jacob exclaimed.
"I think that some technology is useful but all of these different options on my computer are for the .........," Lisa said to Christian.
"I am working with Mr. Smith for the time .......... I am going to get another job but the job I have is alright for now," Alex told Karl.
Did you hear that Pete is doing drugs again? I am not really surprised. He has always been into the forbidden .......... He always does the things he's not supposed to do," Matt told Nate.
"My garden is a foregone .......... I went on a trip for three weeks and I didn't arrange to have a friend water it so almost everything is dead," Luke told Elsie.
"I can't believe he turned the job down. Fortune knocks once on every man's ......... and I think he just missed it," his dad told his sister.
"Alex Wilson was found dead in his office at 42 years old. The police say foul ......... is suspected. If you have any information, the police ask that you contact them," the newswoman said.
"I swear that computers can be found on the four corners of the .......... They seem to be everywhere and unavoidable," his grandpa said.
"I have been a four-......... since I was in the third grade. The doctor told me I had to wear glasses a year before but I refused. As I got older, my vision got worse so I finally decided to wear them," Zack said to Lewis.
"I think that you will do a great job as County Treasurer. You have my vote. I am .........-square behind you," her friend told her.