ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (334)

His telephone rang and he picked it up. It was his brother. Ryan said, "Hey Rob. What am I doing? I am watching a movie on TV. Why? ......... 's up?"
He noticed a big,ugly curtain hanging in his mom's living room and could think of no reason why it would be there because there were blinds behind it. "What's ......... the big curtain?" he asked her.
A law degree was not enough to get a job in the Supreme Court building. One had to wheel and ......... to get a job there.
"I'll work in a warehouse again when hell ......... over," Mark told his brother when his brother asked him to get a job at the warehouse to keep him company.
"My husband seems pretty meek but when push comes to ........., he is as tough and aggressive as any other man," Sylvia said to Hillary.
When it ......... to math, one has to remember to be meticulous and double-check for errors. It is too easy to make a mistake in one small calculation that carries over into the rest of the problem.
"I am telling you, Chu's is ......... it's at if you are looking for good Chinese food. There is no place that serves more or better quality Chinese food in this whole town," Jay said to Chris and Pauline.
He found that he did his best work when the ......... were down. When he was about to get fired or when he was close to losing a relationship due to financial instability, he found a way to succeed in a big way. He wasn't sure why his work suffered when things were going good and he wasn't sure he liked what that said about him.
"Tammy, bring the dinner plates to the left-hand side table and bring the dessert plates to the kitchen please," Grace said. Tammy responded, "Which is .........? They are all the same size and color. Is there something that I am not seeing?"
"Are we getting close to the turnoff for Shelter Cove yet?" Linda asked Adam. He replied, "We are still a ......... away from it. I will let you know when we are close."