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English Slang Idioms (392)

"Can I have you sign ......... please, sir? The doctor will be with you in a moment. There's only one person ahead of you and then it's your turn," the receptionist said to Greg.
"You're going to have to talk to the director about getting a company phone. If he signs ......... on your request, I'll give you one," Bob said to Jim.
"I'm sorry, I can't take the job. I just signed ......... with the local electrical company. Thank you for the offer, though," Jim told the agent.
"Louie, we warned you that if you didn't come up with your protection money, very bad things would happen. Joe says you refused to pay; you just signed your own death .........," the crime boss said.
"My mother's going to sign the registration for the old car ......... to me in a couple of days. I'll ask her if she could do it tomorrow so we can leave a day early," Craig said to Brian.
I don't believe the ......... majority agrees with the well-funded special interest groups as often as these groups make it out to be; they just aren't vocal about it or don't have the avenues to get their opinions out.
"You need to ......... down, Alice. I know you feel strongly about this issue, but you need to calm down a bit. You're getting too worked up," her mom cautioned.
"Amber told me that if I don't have the house clean by the time she gets home, she won't make dinner tonight. She's making me ......... for my supper!" Joe joked with his friend.
"There are some here who don't think we should expand our product line-- Hank, for one. However, our research shows that offering a line of shoes would be profitable," Nancy said. Hank asked her after the meeting, "Why did you have to ......... me out?"
"Is it alright with you if my son does some of the electrical work on the house? He's been apprenticing for a while now and has been longing to sink his ......... into something like this," Al said to the contractor.