ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (328)

"I am wearing this sweater tonight to ......... off the perverts. Every time I wear something revealing or form-fitting to the bar, I get hit on by every weirdo in the county," Vicky said to Loraine.
"Would you like something to drink?" Eleanor asked Ben and Sandy. Sandy replied, "How about some hot tea or coffee? I am freezing cold." Eleanor told her, "I have some fresh Oolong tea brewed. I'll give you some of that to warm your .........."
"The coach took me off the starting position because I missed the last four practices. I guess I should be lucky that I wasn't kicked off the team but warming the ......... for the next three games is no good," Billie told Isaac.
"Before we start the morning run, we are going to do some warm-......... and some stretching. We'll stretch first and then do some jumping jacks, some mountain climbers and we'll run in place for two minutes," the physical education teacher told the class.
"I am washing my ......... of the whole affair. I told the project coordinator that we would not be allowed to have a booth that serves food at the fair without a permit and she refused to look into getting one. I called the treasurer and told him and he told me to follow the project coordinator's directions. I tried and it is not going to be my fault when this club is broke because someone didn't want to get a permit," Johnny told Jill.
"Just telling me you are sorry is not enough to ......... the whole episode out of my memory. You got drunk and insulted my family and I to our faces. I am not going to forget that anytime soon. This relationship is over," Kathryn said to Barney.
"My brother is incompetent and lazy. He got kicked out of school for poor grades, he washed ......... of the military and recently lost his job for taking too many sick days. He's pathetic," Tanner said to Diana.
"I feel sorry for Jays' family. Now that he got fired from his job for stealing, he's washed .......... No one will give him a job in this town," Kendal said to Bartholomew.
"Don't go on a diet, Angela. You aren't fat. If you lose any more weight, you are going to ......... away," Carlotta said.
"You might as well give it up; you are wasting your .......... He is not going to listen to you even though you are right," Marshall said to Martin when he tried to warn Fred that his car brakes were bad.