ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (284)

He didn't know the exact moment that caused them to drift apart. All he knew was that he and his wife were ......... away from each other. They interacted with each other more like roommates than lovers these days.
"Apparently, I made a good impression on the Brigade Sergeant Major. He said that I could volunteer to be his driver any time. It is much easier duty than my normal job. I am going to ......... this opportunity for all it is worth and sign up as much as possible until I can't do anymore," Private Smith told PFC Reynolds.
"I need to get a new hobby. I have a ......... to start pottery lessons and it will save us money on flower pots if I learn how to make those myself," Beth said to Linda.
"I am glad that you like my wife but telling her not to put up with the things I do is not OK. You need to mind your own .......... How we run our relationship is not your concern," Paul said to Adam.
"You need to tell me what you expect from me in any given situation you can't assume that I know what you are thinking. I am not a ......... reader," Bill said to Janice.
"If you need any information on government research grants you should talk to Allison in the Law office at school. She is a ......... mine of resources, information and news pertaining to research grants," Brent told his chemistry partner.
"I am going to have to sell my truck and buy a more fuel efficient vehicle. I can't afford such a ......... guzzler right now with prices as high as they are," Chris said to Ellis.
Everyone was waiting in anticipation for the first band to ......... the Spring Break concert off.
"We have to go if we are going to get to Steve's on time so everyone ......... up," Chris said to Craig, Jesse, and Joe.
"I don't know that Carl should go to college. Mind ........., I don't think he is stupid, he is just a little lazy and is poor at self-direction. If someone made him do the work, I think he would excel. But, if it is left up to him, I don't think he'll get his assignments done," Bette told her friend Lisa concerning Lisa's son.