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English Slang Idioms (293)

"I am sorry that my mother made that off-the-......... comment to you about seeing your family. I know that she doesn't mean that you shouldn't see your family and that you should only see ours. I think she was trying to make a joke and, at the same time, tell you that she likes having you here in her own strange way," Brent said to Lisa.
"I am sorry that I made that off-......... joke at dinner. I don't know why I thought that joke would be appropriate for a family setting," Jay said to Francis.
"I do not want to sing tonight at the karaoke bar. I tend to sound a bit off-......... after I have been drinking," Linus said to Kayla.
She loved going to the thrift store on Fifth and Main. They had the most ......... stuff. One could find odd items in there that no other store would carry.
Going to thrift stores is a fun activity if a person likes to find one-of-a-......... items.
Many times, one kind find quality used tools at ......... hand stores for a fraction of the cost one would incur from buying a new tool.
One of the ......... of the war in Iraq that was not foreseen by consumers is that the supply of metals used in construction (copper for example) is smaller due to the increased demand overseas.
"If you have a problem at work, you should talk to the manager. If you complain you might get resolution. It's always the ......... wheel that gets the grease," Linda said to Brian.
"I don't remember there being a movie theater down town. Is that new?" Jack asked Ben. Ben replied, "No, that movie theater is as old as the .......... I think it was built here in 1933."
I can't get a job in that town. In order for that to happen, I would have to be of the .........-boy network. Of course, to be part of that network, one has to have grown up in the town.