ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (263)

"Doug is too much of a .........-man for my taste. I like guys who like to be guys and hang around with guys doing guy-like things. I like guys who like fast cars, fishing, hunting, construction, etc. He doesn't like any of those things," Jacob told Lane when Lane asked if he and his brother were close.
"I am sorry I haven't called you for a while. I have been ......... up with the flu for the past week and haven't called anyone," Lacy told her mom.
"I don't like the way Jay and Jasmine's house is ......... out. I always feel cramped in there and like I am going to trip over something," Cathy said to Hank.
"I just heard that my brother broke his wrist while playing basketball. I am not that worried about him, though. He always seems to ......... on his feet," Kylie told Symphony.
He heard on the radio that two kids were picked up outside of town after curfew by the police. He wasn't familiar with the road they were found on but he figured that it was the local ......... lane. There was somewhere in every town designated by kids as the hang out' place.
"We trusted you to be our spokesperson for a union here and what happens the first time you go see the manager about it? The manager tells you that a union would result in less jobs and you ......... it up. Of course management is going to say that. I am going to find someone else to be the spokesperson," Donald told Mathew.
"We have called you all together to vote on who you would like to see ......... our effort to get a labor union started here," Donald told the audience.
"Did my comment offend you? Do you know how many people you have cruelly insulted here at work? Now you get a criticism and you start crying? What's the matter? You can ......... it out but you can't take it?" Christa said to Kylie in the office.
"I just got a good tongue-......... from the boss about starting that fight with Kylie in the office. He called my professionalism everything in the book," Christa said to Jenny.
"I think part of you agrees with me about what I said about your brother. I think you are just ......... out at me when I bring up the problems your brother has because he is someone you love and are related to," Christa said to Lane.