ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (326)

"I enjoyed the Gender and Communications class I took but there was so much reading. On average, I had to wade ......... a 75-page article on gender and society every other night," Chris told Ian.
"Your parents are really good to you, Bob. When you are at their house, they wait on you hand and .......... When I am at my parents' house, I have to do everything myself and half of their chores too," Henrietta said.
"You are walking too fast. Wait .........!" Julia said to her boyfriend as he started power-walking up the trail.
"There are no more seats available for the global economics class but I can put you on the ......... list if you would like. That way, if anyone drops the class or doesn't show up, you might be able to get into the class," the lady who worked in Admissions and Records at the college said.
"Health care is getting worse all the time in the United States. I went to the emergency room in a hospital about a month ago — when I burned my hand on my barbecue — and I was stuck in the ......... room for seven hours before I was seen by a doctor. Good thing I didn't have a life-threatening condition at the time," Wesley said to Adam.
"I know you miss Todd but you have to ......... up to the fact that he is not coming back," Allison told her sister. Her sister's boyfriend had left her to move to Scotland.
"I feel like I am walking a ......... right now. I am working full-time and going to school full-time and I am always on the brink of getting fired for being too tired or taking too much time off for exams. At school, I am always on the brink of getting kicked out for getting poor grades. I don't have time, with work and school, to devote to studying enough to get good grades," Ellis said to Robert.
"You have to tell your roommate to buy more things for the apartment. He never gives you money for toilet paper or cleaning supplies and eats a lot of your food. You can't let him walk all ......... you," Ben's brother told him.
"There is a lot of money in renovating old houses and reselling them. We just sold the one we have been working on and we ......... away with $75,000 more than what we paid for it," Justin told Hank and Rosa.
"You are going to have to work harder. The college is not going to let you walk off ......... a good grade you didn't earn. It takes time and effort to succeed in school," Dan told his daughter when she received some bad grades.