ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (296)

"How old is our dog, is that what you asked? He is getting on in .......... He is 14 years old this month," Beth told Jay.
"Which place to you want to go this weekend? On one ........., there is the blues concert. On the other, there is the salmon festival. Either choice sounds good to me, so it is your decision," Chris told his wife.
"My parents told me they will buy me the new video game I have been wanting in return for me being on my best ......... at my grandma's house tonight for dinner. That is a good trade," Joey said to Timmy.
"I don't envy you having roommates. I have lived on my ......... since I left my parents' house. Most of my money has been spent maintaining my own place. I admire your strength in having to put up with others living with you and having to compromise with them," May told Alice.
"The soup kitchen just called and said I am off the ......... for Tuesday. Apparently, there are some repairmen coming in at that point in time so I can't do my job until after they are gone. Now I can come to the movies with you," May said to Brian.
"I know you want an answer from my sister as to whether she will marry you or not but she is still thinking about it. You are going to have to let her come to her decision on her own .........," Beth told Ryan.
"The fact that the contractor just gave us those windows was pure kindness on his .......... He could have charged us a lot of money for those. We are going to have to recommend him to our friends," John told his wife.
"I wouldn't hire Matt if I were you. I have known his family for years. He looks good on ......... — he has a degree from a good school, he has a lot of experience in the field and he presents himself well but he is unreliable. He takes a lot of sick days and sometimes doesn't show up for work or call. He also doesn't keep his word," Luke told Steve.
"I wouldn't cheat in Mr. Park's class if I were you. He has warned everyone, on ......... of expulsion, not to cheat and he means it. It is not worth getting kicked out of school to cheat instead of spending the time to study," Grace told Lacey.
"Don't be mad at Jack for breaking the crystal vase. I know he didn't do it on .......... I think he was playing with his friends and he knocked it off the shelf when he ran through here," John told his wife.