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English Slang Idioms (298)

"I know that you think that giving everyone in the country a large sum of money will help our country's economy. On the ........., I think that would just cause inflation and would have no real effect on the health of our nation," Rob said to Will.
"If you want to come with us to the movies, you have to be at my house at 7 o'clock on the .......... If you are there even a minute late, you will have missed us," Wesley said to Jessica.
"I am looking forward to taking a day off to relax. I have been on the ......... for the last three weeks and I am tired. I worked all week then I went out of town to three different places in that time frame," Billie said to Mark.
"How long have you worked here as a city planner?" Marlene asked Paul. He responded, "I have been on the ......... for about two years now. How long have you worked at the real estate office?"
He put his house on the ......... five weeks ago and had not yet received an offer. That was not good — considering his area.
"I am sorry I haven't seen you at school for the last week. I have been home sick with the flu but I am definitely on the ......... now. Do you want to get together this afternoon for a cup of coffee?" Tammy asked Janice.
"If we are to make it to Seattle by 7 o'clock tonight, we need to get on the ......... in about 30 minutes. It is going to be a long drive," Kyle said to Haley.
"I am already ready to go. Let's get on the ......... right now," Haley responded.
"I got lucky. My lawyer was quite good. He had the other lawyer on the ......... within a few hours and won the case easily,' Mark said to Tim when Tim asked if he won his case against the other driver in the accident.
"I think that putting a stud every two feet in the wall would be enough but I am going to put one every 16 inches just to be on the ......... side," Matt told Lewis when he asked how he was going to do the framing for the walls on his new shed.