ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (327)

California is an interesting place because one can find people from all ......... of life living together in harmony. There are business men and women in suits, hippies in tie-dye shirts, people from other countries and other cultures and a lot of people interested in science and ecology, among others.
"I don't think we should kick ourselves for choosing this place over another. There was no way for us to know, knowing what we did then, the extent of repairs we would have to complete to make it livable. We are just going to ......... it up to a learning experience," Chris said to Linda.
When the new manager found out how many mistakes the acting manager made before he got there, he made him walk the .......... He couldn't allow someone to work there who obviously didn't care about his work or the company.
"I would recommend, if you are having problems making your papers sound academic enough, hanging around Hank for a while. He knows more obscure words than anyone I have ever met. He is like a walking .........; he can provide you with all kinds of interesting choices for words to use," Jasmine told Monica.
"Sir, you shouldn't be eating a sandwich in front of everyone. You just told everyone they were not allowed to eat unless they were on break or lunch and you are on neither. Now that you put the rule out there, you are going to have to ......... the chalk. It hurts morale when leaders don't follow their own rules," the assistant told the boss.
"I caught Joe willfully making false statements on his paperwork and gave him his walking .......... I can't have someone working for me that is dishonest and fraudulent," Max told Jennifer.
"John, there is no reason for you to be a ......... at the dance tonight. You are decent looking and you know how to dance. I know this because I taught you myself. You are never going to get a girlfriend without putting in some effort," Wesley told his cousin.
"Wow, that hot sauce packs a .........! I was not expecting it to be that hot; especially since it says Medium' on it," Jack told his wife.
"Let's talk about this in the park after work. I don't feel comfortable talking about it here; even the walls have .........," the FBI agent said to her partner.
"If you are looking for an inexpensive bicycle why don't you check the ......... ads in the paper? There are a lot of good deals in there," Phil said to Alexis.