ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (317)

"I don't know why I was so nervous before the play. I remembered all my lines and did great. I guess I just psyched myself ......... by worrying about who was going to be in the audience," Jane said to Bill.
"I am pretty psyched ......... about the Law exam. I have studied hard and I think I will ace the test. I can't wait; I just want to get started, " Chris said to Jamie.
"Don't get too ......... up about being complimented by the boss. He compliments everyone and promptly forgets about it as soon as you mess up," Grace told Ken.
"Did you hear Elliot try to ......... a fast one? He asked me five questions that I would obviously say yes to and his sixth question was, So, I can have four paid days off?" I almost said yes but caught him," the boss told his assistant.
"I have to go back to the supermarket and have a talk with the manager. The chicken we bought yesterday is 10 days past its ......... date. It is not OK for them to be selling meat that is that old," James told Kimberley.
His parents were always trying to get him to go on ......... dates with their friends' daughters. He hated being pressured to go out with strangers. They were rarely attractive and didn't have anything in common with him.
"I know Fred has been having a rough time with his wife passing away but if he keeps showing up to work drunk, he is going to pull his career down around his .........," Hank said to Allen.
"I need to arrange for someone to cover my shifts at work. I have a few favors I can ......... in so I am pretty sure I can get the time off without having to ask the boss for it," Jared said to Amber.
"I think you can ......... in some support for your campaign from the voters of California if you back some of the recycling and environmental laws that are currently being discussed," Brian, a political analyst, told the candidate.
The criminal almost pulled ......... the bank robbery he had designed. He got the money and was out of the bank before the cops caught him. His undoing was that the note he handed the teller had his name and address on the back. He unknowingly wrote his note on his telephone bill.