ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (175)

"I told you to return the saw before Tuesday since it was not refundable after Tuesday. You said you would and it is now Thursday. Now I am stuck with the saw, you .........," the boss said to Tim.
"While you were at the store, I caught Larry stealing some of your change. I ......... him out immediately. I made sure that he left your change here before he left," Craig said to Kyle at his party.
"This movie has ......... me to tears. Let's turn it off and go to the river or go somewhere else. Anything is more interesting than that movie," Matt said to Steve.
"That lecture bored me to .......... The Economics professor is a very smart guy and very knowledgeable but his lectures are not interesting," Matt told Kyle.
"I am envious that your husband built a shed for you instead of buying a pre-assembled one. My husband couldn't build a shed to save his .........," Amber told Laurie.
"I like Matt but I don't want to work with him on a group project. He is a hard worker but he's not the ......... star in the sky," Luke told Joe.
"We need someone else for the position someone who has a quick mind and is business savvy. I like Mark but let's face it he's not the sharpest ......... in the shed," Mr. Wilson told Mr. Thompson.
"I told you I don't want to go to the movies. I want to go hiking today so stop trying to ......... me around," Kyle told his roommate.
"Hi Lewis. Thanks for coming by. We are still trying to renovate the kitchen, as you can see. We had to hire a new contractor after the last guy ......... the job. The cabinets the last guy put in were very crooked," Brian told him.
The candidate for the job who was the most qualified was the girl with the ......... blond hair. She had the necessary education and three years experience in the field. He decided to call her and offer her the job later on that day.