ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (93)

"This neighborhood is going to ......... in a handcart. When I moved in here, it was nice. Now, there is graffiti, broken glass everywhere and thugs standing around on the streets," Gladice told Emma.
"Getting a whole class of junior-high school students into and out of a gymnasium in an orderly manner is about as easy as herding .........," Melissa told David.
"I can't go to the movies with you. I already spent the majority of my paycheck," Jay said. Tommy replied, " Isn't that the way of it? Paychecks are here today, ......... tomorrow. I can never seem to save any money."
"Why didn't you show up to help me move like you said you would do? You left me high and .......... I had to hire the next-door neighbor to help," Randy said to Bert.
He hated his boss. Anytime he asked her for help, she would get all high and ......... and either treat him like a little kid or an idiot.
"I am sorry if I acted like an idiot at the bar the other night. I don't usually drink and I was as high as a .........," Ronald said to Nancy
He felt bad about how he treated Maureen at work. He acted all high-......... with her when she voiced her concern about who would pay for her gas on the company trip. He implied that it was her fault she couldn't afford it.
"Let's find a plan that has a good chance of working. Tim's idea requires too much of a high-wire .......... The costs of failing are too high," Rick said to the team.
"Our main competitor committed the worst Himalayan ......... that I have ever seen. They committed all their resources to producing kitchen tables with television sets built into the tops. No one wants them and our competitors may go out of business," Tim told his coworker.
"Don't worry about it, Tina. It was hard to see what the right answer was at the time. It is easy to see what someone else should have done after the fact. Hindsight is always .........," Jay said.