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English Slang Idioms (260)

"The new employee just made another mistake on his paper work that caused us to be short on our next shipment. I think we better keep closer ......... on him for the time being until we know that he won't make any more mistakes like that again," the receiving department's supervisor told the main boss during a meeting.
"My neighbors keep adding more plants and stones to their garden. We are determined to have the best garden on this block but we are having a hard time keeping ......... with the Jones's. Our neighbors seem to have much more money than we do," Jack told his best friend.
"With so much prejudice and violence going on in the world, it is getting hard to keep the .......... It is hard to believe in a caring God when so many atrocities are committed against innocent people every day," Linus said to Markus.
"Our sales are up 15 percent from last year and have been steady for the past two months. We need to devise a plan to keep the ......... rolling and either increase our sales or hold them steady," Ralph said to his employees.
It is very hard to keep ......... of everything one spends. It takes a lot of dedication and organization.
"It is hard to have a senator as a father. Mine is more worried about keeping up his ......... than with keeping up our relationship," Danny said to Jennifer.
"We are going to need someone on-site 24 hours a day for the next couple weeks to keep .......... We have had several tips that someone is going to try to rob the museum in the next little while," Bob told his team.
"I just saw the interviewee who is up next. He looks really ......... up like he is very nervous or had too much coffee this morning," Jan said to the boss.
Many crooked politicians throughout history have arranged for a friend to get a large government contract to complete a project in return for large kick ......... from the friend.
"We need to come up with a plan to achieve a larger market share. Let's first formulate some ideas on how to accomplish this and then we'll kick the ideas ......... for a while to see if we can find a good one," Lisa told the other employees.