ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (410)

While cellular phones serve a purpose, they are also a ......... symbol in the United States. The more expensive the phone, the richer seems the person who owns it.
"We were barely able to ......... off the run on the bank this morning. If the Fed hadn't given us a loan, we might've had to close our doors," the CFO said to his colleague.
"Dad, this is Timmy. I just blew a tire out in the middle of nowhere. I'm twenty minutes south of Hills Market on Skyway." His father replied, "OK. Just stay ........., and I'll get there as soon as possible."
"Josh, I can't stay ......... her after she stole my guitar and sold it. I'm glad we didn't decide to move in together," Bill told his brother.
"This party is dull, and the people are boring. Let's ......... away for a drink at a local bar," Kyle said to Eileen.
"I'm going to open my own business. I'm sick of my boss stealing my .......... Every time I succeed or create something, he takes all the credit," Dan said to Al.
"The band that just played really ......... the show. They were much better than any of the other bands," Simon said to Randy.
"I want to do a good job, but some of my co-workers just want the credit. One of them wanted to steal the ......... so bad that he broke into my desk to steal my ideas," Jesse said to Helena.
"After I ate lunch, I kind of ran out of .......... I was working hard and fast before that, but now I'm tired and don't want to do anything," Joe said to Lewis.
"There's no reason to get riled .......... We're still going where you want to go today. We're just stopping at the store on the way there," Peggy said to her son.