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Types of Cards (1)

When people want to send personal, heartfelt messages to friends and family, they often buy and send ......... cards. These cards can express a variety of feelings and are often geared toward special occasions such as birthdays, graduations etc.
Specifically, when a person wants to express feelings of compassion and empathy when someone passes away, they will often send a ......... card to the friends and/or family members who are experiencing the loss.
When my friend, Kory, goes to work out at the gym, he has to scan his ......... card at the door before he can enter the gym. He pays a monthly fee to use the services and equipment, so the business verifies everyone's association and continued enrolment before they enter the establishment.
You can borrow books from the library, but you have to check out the books at the front desk before you can take them home. They will scan your ......... card so they can record which books you've borrowed.
When you take and pass your driving exam, you will be given a driver's license. You have to have this card on you at all times while driving. You can also use this card for ......... purposes because it's a government issued card.
When you buy a car, you also have to have a current ......... card in your car or on you at all times. This card shows proof of ownership and verifies that your car particulars are listed and recorded at the local Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office.
When you want to withdraw money from your bank account, you can use your ATM or ......... card to do so in most bank machines.
If you have a ......... card, you can purchase items on this card, and then make payments on the purchase amounts, along with accrued interest, at a later date.
You have to have a valid ......... card when operating any motor vehicle. This is a card that contains your policy number and your broker's information. This type of policy provides coverage and compensation for motorists and pedestrians in case of an accident or mishap while operating a motor vehicle.
If you want to celebrate and commemorate how many years you've been married, you can say "I love you" by giving your spouse an ......... card as a gift.