ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (308)

"I am glad I quit that low-paying insurance job and started working for the city planning commission. I am making ......... money now and the job is much more interesting," Stan said to his friend Alex.
"George asked about me the other day? I have been thinking about him lately too. I'll have to ......... him a visit in the next week or so," Grant said to Jay.
"George, stop drawing in class and pay .........," the teacher shouted in English class.
He had searched for a seven-string guitar in nearly every store in his town. There were only two stores he hadn't checked yet. Finally, when he went to the first one, he hit ......... dirt.
"I am too broke to go on a rafting trip at the moment but I will have more money soon. My car is almost paid .......... Once it is, I'll have $300 extra a month," Kyle said to his brother.
As soon as he hit the gas after the cop signaled him to pull over, he was past the point of no .......... If he pulled over now, he would definitely go to jail. He had to try to outrun the cop and that, too, was a stupid idea.
"I am sorry, Tom. I just heard that your father passed away and I just came by to pay my .........," Uncle Luke said.
"I didn't have the benefit of having rich parents like you. I had to work for my first car, I paid my own ......... through school and I had to come up with the down payment on my first house," John said to Adam.
"I have to take a second job for a while. I made some stupid bets on sports' games and now I have to pay the .......... I need to make $2,000 extra in the next month to pay my gambling debts so I probably won't have time to see you in the next little while," Edward said to Tom.
The senator was being investigated again for taking ......... from the Mob. This was the third time and this time the District Attorney thought he had a case.