ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (235)

"Don't let Tommy spend the night at your house. He'll steal everything you own if given ......... the chance. I let him stay the night with Billy and he stole half of his video games. I'm sure he would have taken the other half if they had been available," George said to Lauren.
"I know you told me to get a twelve-pack of beer but all the store had left was a six-pack. Don't get mad. A half a loaf is better than .........," Mark told Bert.
"You are late again! This is the third time this week! I have ......... a mind to fire you right now but I won't, unless you are late one more time in the next two months," Mr. Bertram told Joey.
"Everyone told me that the food was cheap and tasted horrible at the restaurant down the street but I went last night and the food wasn't half .........," Tim told Jimmy.
"Don't get too excited about getting the new timing belt on your car. Putting it on is only half the .......... Now you have to get the engine back in the car," Eric told the new mechanic.
"My roommate is an idiot. He keeps coming up with these half-......... plans to make money so he won't have to work and none of them will work," Jack told his dad.
"My brother needs to figure some things out. He has to find something he wants to do and do it. He made a half-......... attempt in college and got kicked out. Then, he joined the military and got kicked out when he figured out that he didn't like the military," Mike told Rebecca.
"Joe, do you always have to ......... it up at work? If the boss catches you joking around again, he is going to fire you," Chloe said.
"I have been so busy studying for finals. I just spent all day ......... away at my Law textbook and notes," Shaun told his mom.
"I think that you need a new alternator belt. Yours looks pretty .......... It is cracked, appears to be stretched, and has that old rubber color of gray to it," Paul said to Chris.