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English Slang Idioms (162)

"No Ma'am. I am not another repairman. I am the repairman's best friend and I am just along for the .........," Craig told the customer.
"I think that you should hire someone to split the wood instead of doing it yourself. Your health isn't the best, Fred, and you are getting ......... in years," his wife told him.
"I don't like the local cable company. Their customer service doesn't amount to a hill of .........," Mr. Gerald said to Mr. Thompson.
It just figured that his roof would start leaking right when he took a vacation from work. It was going to take all of his vacation time and then ......... to fix the roof.
"Some people don't think that Jim should have joined the Peace Corps. I think that it is important to ......... one's calling and I am glad he went," Mark said to Lisa.
"Why do you think he broke up with his girlfriend?" Melanie asked Grace. She replied, "Well, I can't ......... for Brian but it might have something to do with her drinking a lot."
"I still don't know what is going on with the contractor. He still hasn't shown up and I am still waiting for an answer ......... from his company. They said they would find out where he is and call me," Brendan said to Marcie.
"I will be right back. I have to answer the call of .......... I am going to walk to the bathroom and will be back in about five minutes," Jim told his boss at the site.
"I am sorry, son. I have to call the police. You seriously hurt that other boy. You are going to have to ......... to the police for your actions," Dan said.
"You want to know why Adam moved out of the area? It could have been any ......... of things. For one, he lost his job when the mill shut down and he couldn't find another job in the same line of work. Another reason might be that his parents moved not too long ago and he moved to be closer to them to help them in their old age. I am not sure which reason it was," Chris told Adam's old girlfriend.